Chris Crocker

Instructor Chris Crocker

Chris, a resident of Morrisville, NC, is a local performing musician. As a core member of a 7-piece band he co-founded during his UNC Chapel Hill years, he’s taken the stage in hundreds of gigs, with more to come. This musical journey has painted his canvas with diverse shades, spanning rock, reggae, jazz, and the thrill of improvisational jams. With piano, synth, and organ at his fingertips, he not only performs but also composes original pieces for the band, captivating audiences both local and regional.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Chris extends his passion for sharing knowledge as a K-12 math tutor. Armed with degrees in both mathematics and philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his dedication shines through in both his musical artistry and educational endeavors.

Chris teaches piano, guitar and ukulele.

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