Engaging Group Classes

awaken the musician at any age

Our weekly 45-minute group classes are the perfect place for children to begin learning about music. Each class is designed to help children experience and play music easily, while quickly laying a musical foundation that prepares them to be successful with private lessons in the future. 

  • Notes-for-Tots

    A weekly, 45-minute class where you and your child take a trip with us to a different, exciting, musical destination each week to enjoy different styles and instruments from around the world! Your child will start to learn basic melodies and musical language with our tailored chants and sing-alongs that combine traditional favorites with fresh additions of our own. We’ll also learn about beats and rhythms together through stories and songs on our giant hand drum!

  • Junior Notemakers

    One of our most popular classes and a great introduction to making music that excites your youngster through sing-alongs, rhythm exercises, and musical games. Children will learn to imitate beats and rhythms on various hand-held percussion, Boomwhackers, and our big floor drum. Your child will also learn to play simple melodies on handbells and piano (with help from our colorful Note-Friends), in addition to learning how to strum on the ukulele.

  • Notemakers

    Give your kids an extensive overview of multiple instruments and musical concepts that will prepare them for future success in private lessons or any of our specialized group classes. Our interactive body rhythm and fun percussion exercises are designed to help your child develop an internal metronome and strong sense of time and rhythm. Students will learn to sing using body solfege, and will begin to play piano, ukulele and a new trombone-like instrument called a pBuzz.

  • Group Piano

    The intuitive nature of our one-of-a-kind approach to teaching this instrument helps students gain confidence and make progress much quicker than traditional methods. They will also learn to play scales and improvise! Enrollment includes our engaging Note-Making for Piano book along with two sets of our colorful Note-Friend stickers that instantly allow the students to play popular songs they know.

  • Group Ukulele

    Students develop the basic skills required to play the ukulele. Our unique, song-driven curriculum and engaging activities make learning the ukulele fun and easy! Ukulele is a great stepping stone to learning guitar since the melody patterns and chord shapes are applicable to both. Enrollment includes Notasium’s own Group Ukulele book that teaches popular melodies and simple chord songs.

  • Group Guitar

    Students learn the basics of reading rhythms and strumming chords, as well as many familiar melodies and “riffs” from popular songs. By the end of the class they will even be improvising their own rocking guitar solos! Included with the class is our own Group Guitar book, laid out colorfully and intuitively, so they succeed more quickly. Acoustic and electric guitars are all welcome!

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