Group Piano Lessons

Ages 5 and up – Get started learning the piano in a fun, interactive group setting for children (or adults). Students will learn the keyboard, the basics of tempo and rhythm, a little music theory and history, how to play simple melodies and chords, and how to read music!

The 10-week winter session of our engaging 45-minute group music classes will remain mostly online and start the week of January 4th through the week of March 8th!


$150 for the 10-week session, a great way to start learning the piano!

Group Piano 1.0 on Monday at 5:30 pm with Robin (Cary) 
Group Piano 1.0 on Thursday at 5:30 pm with Kelly (Durham)

Group Piano 2.0 on Tuesday at 5:30 with Josh (Durham) 
Group Piano 2.0 on Saturday at 9:30 am with Aaron (Cary In-Person) 

Group Piano 3.0 on Wednesday at 4 pm with Preston (Durham) 


$150 for the 10-week virtual session, tailored more for 7-10-year-olds to start learning the piano.

Group Piano 1 (7-10 yrs.) on Tuesday at 5:30 pm with Aaron (Cary) 

Group Piano 2 (7-10 yrs.) on Thursday at 5 pm with Issac (Durham) 

Group Piano 3 (7-10 yrs.) on Thursday at 5:30 pm with Aaron (Cary) 

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