Group Piano Lessons

Ages 5 and up – Get started learning the piano in a fun, interactive group setting for children (or adults). Students will learn the keyboard, the basics of tempo and rhythm, a little music theory and history, how to play simple melodies and chords, and how to read music!

Since these classes are virtual, some will be hosted from the Durham location and some from the Cary location. If you are enrolling in a class at a location you have not visited, you will need to create a new account in order to enroll.

Group Piano (Ages 5-6)

$120 for the 8-week session. Great way to start learning the piano!

Group Piano 1.0 on Monday at 5:30 pm with Robin (Cary)
Group Piano 1.0 on Thursday at 5:30 pm with Kelly (Durham)
Group Piano 1.0 on Saturday at 9:30 am with Aaron (Cary)
Group Piano 2.0 on Tuesday at 2 pm with Kelly (Durham)
Group Piano 2.5 on Monday at 4 pm with Josh (Durham)
Group Piano 2.5 on Thursday at 5:30 pm with Aaron (Cary)
Group Piano 3.0 on Wednesday at 4 pm with Preston (Durham)

Group Piano (Ages 7-10)

$120 for the 8-week virtual session for 7-10 year olds to start learning the piano.

Group Piano 1.0 on Tuesday at 5:30 pm with Aaron (Cary)

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