Natalie Wallace

From Naperville, IL, Natalie has been involved in music since the age of five. She started singing in the church choir and was involved in choirs throughout her schooling as well as orchestras playing the violin. Most of her upbringing involves musical styles of gospel, classical and pop music. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Musical Performance at North Carolina Central in 2014 and has received her Master degree in Jazz Studies at the same University in May of 2018. Natalie has traveled to Vienna, Austria, Budapest, Hungary, Prague, Czech Republic, Aruba, & Natal, Brazil performing music with instrumental and vocal musicians. Currently, she teaches beginner piano, vocal training, and violin. Her mission is to teach students’ fundamentals of music so that they can have an understood foundation when going to the next level. Natalie’s hope is to help students access the potential within themselves so that they can be their very best!

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