For 5 & 6-year-olds – a weekly, 45-minute class where kids get an overview of multiple instruments and basic musical notation through fun, interactive exercises involving singing and movement. They’ll learn to play and articulate simple rhythms with their bodies, hand-held percussion instruments, and on our giant floor drum. They’ll learn simple melodies as a group, starting on handbells and pitched tubes called Boomwhackers, with the goal of each student being able to read and play the same melodies on the piano! They’ll also be introduced to the basics of the ukulele and how to play their first chords and melodies on this easily-accessible little instrument, which all translate easily to guitar!


$120 for the 10-week virtual session, a next-level continuation of the Note-Friend Note-Making class. (Students need a Ukulele which they can purchase  with the class at a discounted rate of $30)

Monday at 5:30 pm with Caitlin
Tuesday at 5:30 pm with Kelly
*(Younger students may be eligible with prior class experience and teacher recommendation)

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